Coddiwomple is more than just another gallery. The name means “to travel with great determination toward a vague destination” and that is how Tracy Noon and Alex Stewart with two children  a dog ,an ancient cat and a budgie ended up in Newlyn.

Having moved in the summer of 2019 to Mousehole, they had an idea of setting up a business in 2020 at some point.  Then serendipity kicked in and the site of the famed Badcocks Gallery became available. Given 24 hours to make a decision, in typical fashion Alex and Tracy said lets do it!

The couple are both practicing Artists , Tracy with traditionally made mosaics and Alex a painter who has shown and is collected internationally. They decided that Coddiwomple was going to be a place that reflected both of their collective left field taste in all things and also show their own work. So over the two month period leading up to Christmas 2019 they reinvented the gallery into a living space full of mosaics, paintings, furniture, ceramics and some extremely odd items that they just had to have, most of these things are for sale and replaced with other finds that Coddiwomple discover travelling around Cornwall.

And so the Coddiwomple adventure began , Tracy found that her mosaics were in big demand and Alex’s paintings have often led to long and fascinating conversations with people engaged in the strange world that he paints. Antique furniture , industrial lights, Fat Lava vases and curiosities from the 17th  century onward, the feeling is of wandering into someones home and combined with their  deep knowledge of the arts means that they hope a visit will encourage any visitor to chat and feel welcome.


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